dbx Pro 220i Welding System User Manual

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System Processor with AFS™ Advanced Feedback Suppression
Designed from the ground up to provide state-of-the-art signal processing, the DriveRack 220i
is the perfect tool for any fixed-install application. With a full complement of processing fea-
tures and Mic/Line inputs the DriveRack 220i can provide both system and microphone pro-
cessing. Featuring the new, patent-pending Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) algorithm,
equalization, dynamics processing, delay, matrix mixing, and bandpass filters, the DriveRack
220i will exceed your expectations.
The DriveRack 220i is piloted from the intuitive DriveWare GUI that offers both Configuration
and Control of the processing modules. Modules can be accessed, edited and saved as part
of programs. Processing modules can be linked between the channels for true stereo pro-
cessing. If independent processing is desired, parameters can be copied from one channel to
the next to ensure that setup is quick and easy. Stored programs can be loaded from either
the front panel or from wall mounted Zone Controllers. Zone Controllers can also be used for
output muting or adjusting output volumes. For more information please visit www.driver-
ack.com or www.dbxpro.com.
• Advanced Feedback
Suppression (AFS™)
• Graphic and Parametric EQ
• Compressor
• Limiter
• Auto Gain Control
• Noise Gating
• De-Esser
• Ducker
• Bandpass Filters
• Matrix Mixer
• 1.3 Seconds of Delay
• RS-232 PC GUI control
• Mic/Line Inputs
• Wall Panel Control
• Security Lockout