Digimerge D4202 Router User Manual

Step 1: Click twice to enter the Login setup (please refer to software installation”)
Step 2: Key in User Name and Password”. (e.g. User Name and “Password” is
dan, and the IP address is Click OK to establish the connection.
Follow the steps below to connect to a remote site. (e.g. If you set up the server at
your office with one static ADSL, you can remotely watch the video anywhere, with a
networkable computer.)
Step 3: If you see the video screen, then you have successfully connecting to the server.
1.There are two ways to get the software,
one is via the attached CD, the other
is via the Video Web Server. (Refer to
2.You can press the Address Book
button to add a new IP into this
table or choose any login IP
address to access the Video Server.
3.This function is designed to store
a list of IP addresses which you
can control and manage.