D-Link DSL-G684T Router User Manual

DSL-G684T Wireless ADSL Router User Guide
Basic Router Configuration
The first time you set up the Router it is recommended that you configure the WAN connection using a single computer
making sure that both the computer and the Router are not connected to the LAN. Once the WAN connection is
functioning properly, you may continue to make changes to Router configuration including IP settings and DHCP setup.
This chapter is concerned with using your computer to configure the WAN connection. The following chapter describes
the various windows used to configure and monitor the Router including how to change IP settings and DHCP server
Configuration Summary
1. Connect to the Router To configure the WAN connection used by the Router it is first necessary to
communicate with the Router through its management interface, which is HTML-based and can be accessed
using a web browser. To access the management software your computer must be able to “see” the Router.
Your computer can see the Router if it is in the same “neighborhood” or subnet as the Router. This is
accomplished by making sure your computer has IP settings that place it in the same subnet as the Router. The
easiest way to make sure your computer has the correct IP settings is to configure it to use the DHCP server in
the Router. The next section describes how to change the IP configuration for a computer running a Windows
operating system to be a DHCP client.
2. Configure the WAN Connection Once your are able to access the configuration software you can proceed to
change the settings required to establish the ADSL connection and connect to the service provider’s network.
There are different methods used to establish the connection to the service provider’s network and ultimately to
the Internet. You should know what Encapsulation and connection type you are required to use for your ADSL
service. It is also possible that you must change the PVC settings used for the ADSL connection. Your service
provider should provide all the information you need to configure the WAN connection.
Configuring IP Settings on Your Computer
In order to configure your system to receive IP settings from the Router your computer must first have the TCP/IP
protocol installed. If you have an Ethernet port on your computer, it probably already has TCP/IP protocol installed. If
you are using Windows XP the TCP/IP is enabled by default for standard installations. Instructions for configuring your
computer to receive IP settings from the Router are provided in Appendix B on page
For computers running non-Windows operating systems, follow the instructions for your OS that configure the system
to receive an IP address from the Router, that is, configure the system to be a DHCP client.
If you are not sure how to configure your Windows computer to be a DHCP client, see
Configuring IP Settings on Your Computer beginning on page 52.