D-Link DSL-G684T Router User Manual

DSL-G684T Wireless ADSL Router User Guide
Sustainable Cell Rate – The SCR is defined for the VBR service category.
This is the rate that can be sustained for “bursty”, on-off traffic sources. It
is a function of Maximum Burst Size (MBS) and the time interval (between
Cell Delay Variation Tolerance – CDVT is a measure of the cell clumping
phenomenon by which cells are delayed in the network and are
clumped together and arrive at a system at a faster rate than negotiated.
Increasing the CDVT creates greater bucket depth.
Maximum Burst Size – The MBS is the maximum number of bytes that can
be sent continuously from the source to the destination dropping any
packets. Some ATM providers set the MBS and CDVT very low and adjust
up if problems occur.