D-Link DSL-G684T Router User Manual

DSL-G684T Wireless ADSL Router User Guide
Dynamic DNS
The Router supports DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service). The Dynamic DNS service allows a dynamic public IP
address to be associated with a static host name in any of the many domains, allowing access to a specified host from
various locations on the Internet. This is enabled to allow remote access to a host by clicking a hyperlinked URL in the
form hostname.dyndns.org, Many ISPs assign public IP addresses using DHCP, this can make it difficult to locate a
specific host on the LAN using standard DNS. If for example you are running a public web server or VPN server on
your LAN, this ensures that the host can be located from the Internet if the public IP address changes. DDNS requires
that an account be setup with one of the supported DDNS providers.
Dynamic DNS Configuration window
Note: DDNS requires that an account be setup with one of the supported DDNS servers prior to engaging it on the
router. This function will not work without an accepted account with a DDNS server.
Enter the required DDNS information and click Apply to set this information in the Router.
ATM VC Parameters Description
DDNS Server Select one of the DDNS registration organizations form those listed in the
pull-down menu. Available servers include DynDns.org and No-IP.com.
Username (or Key) Enter the username given to you by your DDNS server.
Password (or Key) Enter the password or key given to you by your DDNS server
Host Name Enter the host name of the DDNS server.