D-Link DSL-G684T Router User Manual

DSL-G684T Wireless ADSL Router User Guide
Multiple Virtual Connections
The Router supports multiple virtual connections. Up to eight PVCs to eight separate destinations can be created and
operated simultaneously utilizing the same bandwidth. Additional PVC connections can be added for various purposes.
For example, you may want to establish a private connection to remote office in order to create an extended LAN, or
setup a server on a separate connection. Provisioning for additional PVC profiles must be done through your
telecommunications services provider. Extended LAN operations employing multiple virtual connections require ADSL
routers or modems at the remote site for a successful connection. Contact your ISP or telecommunications service
provider if you are interested in setting up multiple virtual connections.
After the necessary arrangements have been made to use the Router with multiple virtual connections, follow the
instructions below to setup the Router using the VPI/VCI settings given to you by your server provider.
Configure Multiple PVCs
Additional PVCs can be configured by first accessing the WAN configuration window in the Home directory.
Select new PVC to configure in the WAN Settings window