D-Link DSL-G684T Router User Manual

DSL-G684T Wireless ADSL Router User Guide
Change System Password
Under the Administrator heading, type the New Password and Confirm Password to be certain you have typed it
correctly. Click the Apply button to activate the new password. The System User Name remains “admin”, this cannot
be changed using the web manager interface. Be sure to save the new setting.
top section of the Administrator Settings window
Remote Web Management and Remote Telnet Access
The Administrator Settings window is also used to enable remote Telnet management and remote web management
access to the Router. To enable remote management of the Router, select the State Enabled radio button for either
Remote Web Management or Remote Telnet Management and type the IP Address and Netmask of the remote network
or system used for management. Click the Apply button to activate remote management from the chosen IP address. Be
sure to save the new setting.