GE TX-1010-01-3 Stud Sensor User Manual

Models TX-1010-01-1, TX-1010-01-3
DesignLine Slim Door/Window Sensor
With new wireless products from GE Security, smaller
really is better. Highlighted by sleek new designs, the
wireless family provides the modern look and feel you
demand, with the same robust GE wireless capability
you’ve come to expect.
Using the new GE Security DesignLine Door/Window
Sensor, alarm systems can be easily installed and provide
the highest level of intrusion protection available for
a home or business. These sensors monitor doors,
windows, cabinets, or anything that opens and closes.
Almost any building can be set up with a GE system
because of the DesignLine Door/Window Sensor’s small
size and flexible mounting configurations.
The GE DesignLine Door/Window Sensor provides
years of trouble-free operation because advanced circuit
technology makes this sensor extremely efficient
and reliable. The low current draw, coupled with a
high-capacity lithium battery, means five to eight years
between battery changes when sensors are used on
low-traffic openings.
The wire-free nature of GE DesignLine Door/Window
Sensors means: less installation cost; less installation
damage from drilling holes and pulling wires; less time
spent on premises for the installer; and less compromise
to security due to the inflexibility of sensor location when
using hardwire sensors.
Standard Features
Low-profile design - Gives sleek modern look; fits in
any home or business
Wireless technology - Easier and less costly to install;
safer because of flexible placement
Advanced circuit technology - Supplies robust function
with low current draw
Compatible with all GE Security 319.5 MHz control
panels and receivers
Range - Functions at open-air distances of up to 500 ft.
Battery operated - Runs on lithium coin cell battery
with typical life of 5 years
Tamper-resistant case - Inhibits tampering and
improves security and durability
External contact header allows connection of an
external hardwire contact
DesignLine Slim
Door/Window Sensor
Small, wireless design for the highest
level of intrusion protection