Miller Electric Syncrowave 200 Welder User Manual

TIG (GTAW) Welding
Stick (SMAW) Welding
Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P) Welding
Input Power Requires 1-Phase Power
Amperage Range 5–200 A
Rated Output 150 A at 26 V, 40% Duty Cycle
Weight Base Model: 238 lb (108 kg)
Runner: 271 lb (123 kg)
Light Industrial Applications
Light Metal Fabrication
Maintenance/Repair Operations
Light Manufacturing
Automotive Repair
Vocational Training
TIG/Stick Welding
Power Source
Issued November 2005 • Index No. AD/4.4
The Power of Blue
Dual digital meters with alpha-numeric
displays allow for quick and easy viewing and
preset values for voltage, amperage and other
key variables. Allows for greater accuracy and
repeatability in the welding procedure.
Runner has low cylinder
rack to eliminate the need for lifting
when changing gas cylinders.
115 V auxiliary power receptacle is
conveniently located on the front panel,
allowing for operation of a Coolmate
coolant system or other small tools.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
An Illinois Tool Works Company
1635 West Spencer Street
Appleton, WI 54914 USA
Web Site
International Headquarters
Phone: 920-735-4505
USA FAX: 920-735-4134
Canadian FAX: 920-735-4169
International FAX: 920-735-4125
Syncro Start
allows the operator
to choose from three different starting
conditions to optimize the application
Arc hour/cycle counter records actual welding
time and number of arc starts.
DIG control allows the arc
characteristics to be changed for
specific applications and electrodes.
Lower the DIG setting for smooth
running electrodes like E7018 and
increase the DIG setting for stiffer,
more penetrating electrodes like E6010.
Squarewave output with AC balance control features
adjustable penetration and cleaning action while increasing arc
stability on various aluminum alloys, and helps eliminate
tungsten spitting and arc rectification.
Power source is warranted for 3 years, parts and labor.
Original main power rectified parts are warranted for 5 years.
200 Runner
Built-in pulse control enhances weld
bead and puddle control for improved
appearance and quality—reduce burn
through, coordinate the addition of filler
material, and reduce the warping effects of
distortion by reducing the average heat input.
Cable management system uses
dual cable hangers and foot control storage
conveniently attach to the power source
side panels to allow all weld cables and the
remote foot control to be neatly stored,
preventing torch, cable or remote damage.
Auto-Postflow protects the weld end
zone and electrode by optimizing postflow
time based on welding amperage—for
adequate shielding every time without waste
and no need for adjustment.
Adaptive Hot Start
Stick arc starts automatically
increases the output amperage at
the start of a weld should the start
require it. Prevents the electrode from
sticking and creating an inclusion.
improves power
efficiency and reduces noise and
maintenance by lessening the amount
of airborne contaminants pulled
through the machine.
TIG torch. 150 A, air-cooled torch
features super flex (SF) braided nylon
power cable for maximum flexibility.