Philips 32PT8302/37 Router User Manual

Philips HD Series
32” HDTV monitor; ready
for all your digital sources!
Stunning picture quality and the advanced connectivity of HDMI alone make this a great HDTV.
Add in surround sound, the new SOFA remote and high design and it becomes the easy choice
for everyone.
Razor sharp images
1080i HDTV monitor with HDMI
•Flicker-free 480p progressive scan
Images continually optimized for real life pictures
•ActiveControl 2
continually optimizes picture quality
• EyeFidelity
line-doubling scan select
• Advanced 2D Y/C Digital Comb Filter for finer picture detail
• Digital Luminance/Chrominance Transient Improvement (LTI/CTI)
• Scan Velocity Modulation peak edge detail
• Widescreen display mode
Best picture any source
•Picture settings optimized for RF, 2HD-CVI, HDMI, CVI, S-VHS,
AV in (triple picture setting)
HDMI input for the closest to true-to-life picture experience possible
Immersive surround sound
with 20 Watt power immerses and creates a more realistic
viewing experience