Schumacher IP-1875C Air Compressor User Manual

Schumacher Electric Corporation
Model IP-1875C
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important safety instructions
Someone should be within range of your voice or close enough to
come to your aid when you are working near a lead-acid battery.
Have plenty of fresh water and soap nearby in case battery acid
contacts skin, clothing, or eyes. If acid enters the eye area, rinse
with cold water for at least 10 minutes and get medical help
Do not smoke, or use matches or cigarette lighter, or allow any spark
or ame near the battery or engine.
Never operate the power source unit if it has damaged lead wire or
clamps. Have the lead wire replaced by a qualied technician.
Wear complete eye and clothing protection when working with lead-
acid batteries.
Do not permit the internal battery of the IP-1875C to freeze. Never
charge a frozen battery.
handling warning
WARNING: Handling the cord on this product or cords associated with
this product, may expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State
of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive
harm. Wash hands after handling.
operating instructions
Warning: Failure to follow instructions may cause
damage or an explosion. Read entire instruction manual
before use.
1. Turn ignition OFF before making cable connections.
2. Use in a well-ventilated area.
3. Keep clears of fan blades, belts, pulleys and other parts that may
cause injury.
4. Make sure the power ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position until
clamps are connected to the vehicle battery.
5. NEVER allow clamps to touch together or to contact the same
piece of metal to prevent sparking.
6. Clamp the red clamp (+) to the positive terminal of the battery.
(For a negative grounded system.)*
7. Clamp the black clamp (-) to an unpainted and unmoving part of
the chassis or engine block.
8. If you have connected the clamps of your IP-1875C backwards,
an audio alarm will sound. DO NOT turn your IP-1875C on. This
could cause serious damage. Reverse the connections, and the
audio alarm will stop.
9. If no audio alarm is sounded, turn ON the Jump Start switch
and then crank the engine. If the engine does not start within
5-8 seconds, wait at least 1 minute before attempting to start
vehicle again. (This permits the battery to cool down.)
10. After the engine starts, make sure to turn OFF the Jump Start
switch. Then disconnect the black clamp (-) and then the red
clamp (+) in that order. Store the clamps on the ears located on
the sides of the case.
11. Recharge the IP-1875C as soon as possible after use.
*NOTE: In the rare case of jump-starting a vehicle that has
a positive-grounded vehicle electrical system, connect the
NEGATIVE black clamp (-) to the negative terminal (-) of the
vehicle battery. Then connect the POSITIVE red clamp (+) to an
unpainted and unmoving part of the vehicle chassis or engine
block. If you are unsure of the nature of the vehicle’s electrical
grounding system, check the owner’s manual of the vehicle. To
disconnect clamps, reverse order.
led indicators
To check the internal battery’s charge status, press the red button
on the front of the IP-1875C.
The LED lights will indicate the charge level as follows:
1. A red LED indicates a 50% or less charge and you should
immediately recharge the IP-1875C.
2. A yellow LED indicates a 50 to 75% charge. The IP-1875C may
be used but should be recharged as soon as possible.
3. A green LED indicates the internal battery is fully charged.
charging of internal battery with built-in charger.
After removing the IP-1875C from the carton, charge it for a minimum
of 8 hours before using even if the green charged LED glows.
NOTE: The ON/OFF switch does not have to be in the ON position
to recharge the internal battery.
1. To charge, plug an extension cord into charger plug on the back
of the IP-1875C. (Extension cord not included; must be purchased
2. Plug the extension cord into 110V AC electrical wall outlet.
3. The red LED will glow indicating charging.
4. The green LED will glow when the battery has reached full
charge. This could take up to 72 hours on some charges due to
age and condition of the battery. The charger will automatically
drop into a oat mode and maintain the battery at full charge
without damaging the battery. The IP-1875C can be left plugged
into the 110V wall outlet indenitely to maintain full power.
5. Recharge the IP-1875C as soon as possible after use.
using the white spotlight
The spotlight is located on the front panel of the IP-1875C. This light
can be adjusted downward by pulling the tab at the top. The control
switch for this light is located above the rotary switch On/Off.
12 Volt dc power outlet chart
The IP-1875C is a power source for all 12 volt DC accessories
equipped with a 12 volt accessory plug. Make sure the device to be
powered is OFF before inserting 12 volt accessory plug into 12 volt
DC accessory outlet. Use for power outages, shing, and camping
trips. Estimated usage time is listed in below chart.
Appliance Type Estimated Wattage Estimated Time*
Cell Phones 4 Watts 30 Hours
Fluorescent Lights 4 Watts 30 Hours
Radios, Fans 9 Watts 21 Hours
Depth Finders 9 Watts 21 Hours
INSTANT POWER™ Jump Starter, Air Compressor &
12V DC Power Source