Ultra Products ULT31792 Battery Charger User Manual

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Quick AA/AAA Battery Charger
w/ 4 2500mAh AA Batteries
Quick AA/AAA Battery Charger
Includes 4 2500mAh AA Batteries
Part #: ULT31792
UPC#: 022769317922
Battery Charger Plus 4 AA NiMh Rechargeable Batteries
Our engineers have created a line of hard working long lasting
batteries and accessories to breathe new life into your digital
products. These rechargeable batteries are quality tested for
longevity, stability and reliability and must meet the most
stringent standards before being declared ready to go. These
phenomenal power sources – the premier edition of the Battery
Pack come with 4 dynamic batteries along with a top-notch
recharger. Don’t delay. You deserve to get more play life from your
digital products.
· Chemistry: NiMH
· Capacity: 2500 mAh
(32% Longer Lasting than Standard Rechargeable Batteries )
· For use with the following:
- Digital Cameras
- CD Players
- MP3 Players
- Portable Radios
- and all other electronic equipment using AA batteries
· Charge Time: 3 Hours
(5 Hours for high capacity 2500 mAh batteries)
· Quick Charging Time
· Works with AA or AAA Batteries
· Includes 4 2500mAh AA Batteries
· 100% Memory Free - Partial charges will not reduce batteries'
capacity through memory build-up
· 100/240V for Worldwide Compatibility(Adapter Not Included)
· Charge 2 or 4 Batteries at a time.
Power Connector
4 AAA Batteries
4 AA Batteries
Charges AA & AAA Batteries

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