Xantech 480B-80 Router User Manual

IR Receivers
The 480-80 is a CFL (compact fluorescent light) friendly version of the 480-00 series Dinky Link IR receivers.
It is specifically designed to have great immunity to CFL-type infrared interference and to have exceptional
IR reception range. In addition, the 480-80 will operate in direct sunlight! They may be mounted under
shelf edges, cabinet ledges, in wall speakers, etc. - anywhere an inconspicuous appearance is desired. The
high sensitivity of these receivers allows placement behind speaker grilles and still receive IR commands
up to 30 feet away. If longer range is necessary, 3/8-inch holes must be drilled in the grille to allow
unobstructed entry of the IR signal to each of the IR receiver windows. There are two variations of this model
as follows:
480B-80 Standard version, with black case. Has 7-foot 3-conductor ribbon cable with stripped and tinned
480W-80 Same as the 480B-80 except with white case.
Very small package, only 7/16" x 5/16" x 2-5/16".
IR carrier input frequency reception range: 30 to 60 kHz.
IR carrier output frequency: 38 kHz.
NOTE: The 480-80 will not work with certain brands & models that operate at higher frequencies
or that have unusual code structures. Contact Xantech Technical Support for more information.
IR reception range: Up to 70 feet on axis (range depends on device being controlled and levels of IR or
EM interference).
Reception angle: 55 degrees off axis with 50% range reduction.
Red talk-back LED tests system and indicates infrared reception.
Includes 3-Terminal Block for easy extension of 7' ribbon cable.
The 480-80 will not operate in 2-wire Phantom Power mode.
Power: 12 volts DC @ 20 mA.
781RG Power Supply (not included) powers up to ten 480-80's.
Maximum current output: 100 mA peak.
Cable requirements: See "INSTALLATION" below (un-shielded OK).
Maximum cable length: One mile with 18 gauge.
Drives IR Emitters through Xantech Connecting Blocks, Controllers, etc.
Dimensions: 7/16" x 5/16" x 2-5/16".
SUN480 Sunscreen filters available separately. Order these to help with IR interference. They fit easily
over the two photodiode openings
The 480-80 is intended to be wired to the input terminals of Xantech Connecting Blocks or other devices,
using the supplied 3-terminal block in the remote room location. A 3-conductor cable (24 gauge up to 200',
22 gauge up to 600', 20 gauge up to 2000', 18 gauge up to 5000'), is run to the main room. Connections
are then made to a Xantech connecting block, power supply and emitters as shown in the illustration of a
typical basic system on the next page.