Campbell Hausfeld CL157500AV Power Screwdriver User Manual

IN741000AV 9/12© 2012 Campbell Hausfeld/Scott Fetzer
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Model: Cl157500AV
An air screwdriver can be used to install and remove a variety of screw fasteners.
After unpacking the unit, inspect carefully for any damage that may have occurred
during transit. Make sure to tighten fittings, bolts, etc., before putting unit into service.
Read & Follow all InstRuctIons
save these InstRuctIons
do not dIscaRd
Safety Guidelines
This manual contains information that is very important to know and understand. This
information is provided for SAFETY and to PREVENT EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS. To
help recognize this information, observe the following symbols.
Danger indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if
not avoided, WILL result in death or serious injury.
Warning indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not
avoided, COULD result in death or serious injury.
Caution indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not
avoided, MAY result in minor or moderate injury.
Notice indicates important information, that if not followed, may
cause damage to equipment.
NOTE: Information that requires special attention.
General Safety Information
calIFoRnIa pRoposItIon 65
This product or its power cord may contain chemicals, including
lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth
defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.
You can create dust when you cut, sand, drill or grind
materials such as wood, paint, metal, concrete,
cement, or other masonry. This dust often contains chemicals known to
cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Wear protective
Operating Instructions
Air Screwdriver