Dodge TA1M Saw User Manual

TA1M thru TA7M Motor Mounts
TA3ML thru TA7ML (Long Series) Motor Mounts
TORQUE-ARM Speed Reducers
(Sizes TXT1 thru TXT7)
Note: Guards have been removed for photographic purposes.
Note: Refer to photo for position of all parts before installation.
1. Remove the two or three bolts required for mounting the TAM
and TAML Motor Mounts from the reducer housing. Install
the front and rear supports (2) using the new reducer bolts
(1) supplied with the motor mount. Make sure support flanges
face output side of reducer. Tighten bolts securely.
2. Mount bottom plate (3) on supports with bolts supplied. Insert
bolts (7) from top through slotted holes. Add flatwasher,
lockwasher, and nut. Hand tighten.
3. Thread two nuts (6) on each threaded stud (5) leaving
approximately 1 of stud protruding at one end. Insert
threaded stud with 1 of threads through corner holes of
bottom plate, thread a hex nut (6) on the stud and tighten
4. Slide top plate (4) over the threaded stud, making sure
center handling hole is positioned opposite input side of
reducer. Thread a hex nut (6) on the studs and tighten
5. Locate the proper position for the motor and bolt it to the top
plate. Tighten bolts securely.
WARNING: To ensure that drive is not unexpectedly started, turn
off and lock out or tag power source before proceeding. Remove
all external loads from drive before removing or servicing drive or
accessories. Failure to observe these precautions could result in
bodily injury.
6. Install motor sheave and reducer sheave as close to motor
and reducer housings as possible. Accurately align the motor
and reducer sheave by sliding bottom plate in relation to
supports. Tighten bolts (7) securely.
7. Install V-belts and tension belts by alternately adjusting nuts
(6) on the threaded studs (jackscrews). Make certain that all
bolts are securely tightened, the V-belt drive is properly
aligned and an appropriate belt guard is installed before
operating the drive.
WARNING: Because of the possible danger to persons(s) or property from accidents which may result from the improper use of products, it is
important that correct procedures be followed: Products must be used in accordance with the engineering information specified in the catalog
Proper installation, maintenance and operation procedures must be observed. The instructions in the instruction manuals must be followed.
Inspections should be made as necessary to assure safe operation under prevailing conditions. Proper guards and other suitable safety
devices or procedures as may be desirable or as may be specified in safety codes should be provided, and are neither provided by Baldor
Electric Company nor are the responsibility of Baldor Electric Company. This unit and its associated equipment must be installed, adjusted
and maintained by qualified personnel who are familiar with the construction and operation of all equipment in the system and the potential
hazards involved. When risk to persons or property may be involved, a holding device must be an integral part of the driven equipment beyond
the speed reducer output shaft.