Mercedes-Benz 2006 C 55 AMG Automobile User Manual

Controls in detail
Useful features
Erasing the integrated remote control
̈ Switch on the ignition (page 33).
̈ Simultaneously press and hold down
the outer signal transmitter buttons 2
and 4, for approximately 20 seconds,
until the indicator lamp 1 flashes rap-
idly. Do not hold for longer than
30 seconds.
The codes of all three channels are
Programming tips
If you are having difficulty programming
the integrated remote control, here are
some helpful tips:
ț Check the frequency of the hand-held
remote control 5 (typically located on
the reverse side of the remote). The in-
tegrated remote control is compatible
with radio-frequency devices operating
between 288-399 MHz.
ț Put a new battery in the hand-held re-
mote control 5. This will increase the
likelihood of the hand-held remote con-
trol sending a faster and more accurate
signal to the integrated remote control.
ț While performing step 3, hold the
hand-held remote control 5 at differ-
ent lengths and angles from the signal
transmitter button (2, 3 or 4) you
are programming. Attempt varying an-
gles at the distance of 2 to 5 inches
(5 to 12 cm) away or the same angle at
varying distances.
ț If another hand-held remote control is
available for the same device, try the
programming steps again using that
other hand-held remote control. Make
sure new batteries are in the hand-held
remote control before beginning the
ț Straighten the antenna wire from the
garage door opener assembly. This
may help improve transmitting and/or
receiving signals.
If you sell your vehicle, erase the codes
of all three channels.
Certain types of garage door openers
are incompatible with the integrated
remote control. If you should experi-
ence further difficulties with program-
ming the integrated remote control,
contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz
Center, or call Mercedes-Benz
Customer Assistance Center (in the
USA only) at 1-800-FOR-MERCedes, or
Customer Service (in Canada) at