Senco SN60 Nail Gun User Manual

Framing Nailers SN60 SN65 SN65C
Pneunatically driven true round head framing nailers for
manufactured housing, on-site building construction,
and pallet assembly. The SN65C has been designed
for earthquake, hurricane, and tornado-prone areas,
where codes call for common nails.
The SENCO SN60, SN65, and SN65C drive a wide
range of full round head nails for a variety of tool
applications. Excellent balance and power-to-weight
ratio, along with a comfort-grip handle, helps reduce
fatigue and increase productivity. Built to exceed
SENCO’s proven standard of reliability, the SN60,
SN65, and SN65C provide high-quality performance
through our depth-of-drive control which allows the
user to achieve the right countersink. Toenail safety,
no-mar pad, and the angled magazine increase
flexibility for nail placement.
• Drives a wide range of true round head framing 
• The SN65C drives 2½", 3", and 3½" common nails.
• Reduces fatigue though excellent balance and 
power-to-weight ratio, as well as a comfort-grip 
• Toenail safety, streamlined nose area, and angled 
magazine aid in nail placement.
• Depth-of-drive control and standard no-mar pad 
attachment improves craftsmanship by ensuring the 
right countersink while keeping the work surface 
mar-free when necessary.
• EZ- Clear design allows quick clearing of infrequent 
nail jams.
• Two-step rear loading makes loading quicker and 
easier, for right-handed or left-handed users.
• SN65’s have 15% more power than SN60 for those 
extra-tough jobs.
Manufactured Housing, On-site and Mobile Home
• Framing
• Subflooring
• Sidewall sheathing
• Decking construction
• Siding
• Roof deck construction
• Truss building
Also for Crate, Box, and Pallet Assembly