Black & Decker BDCDD120C Cordless Drill User Manual

WARNING: To reduce the risk of
serious personal injury, turn tool off and
disconnect tool from power source before
making any adjustments or removing/
installing attachments or accessories.
The drill is turned ON and OFF by
pulling and releasing the trigger switch
(1). The farther the trigger is depressed,
the higher the speed of the drill.
A forward/reverse control button (2)
determines the direction of the tool and
also serves as a lock off button.
To select forward rotation, release the
trigger switch and depress the forward/
reverse control button to the left.
To select reverse, depress the forward/
reverse control button the opposite direction.
NOTE: The center position of the control
button locks the tool in the off position.
When changing the position of the control
button, be sure the trigger is released.
This tool is fitted with a torque adjustment
collar (3) to select the operating mode and
to set the torque for tightening screws.
Large screws and hard workpiece materials
require a higher torque setting than small
screws and soft workpiece materials.
For drilling in wood, metal and plastics,
set the collar to the drilling position
For screwdriving, set the collar to the
desired setting. If you do not yet know the
appropriate setting, proceed as follows:
Set the collar to the lowest torque setting.
Tighten the first screw.
If the clutch ratchets before the desired
result is achieved, increase the collar
setting and continue tightening the screw.
Repeat until you reach the correct setting.
Use this setting for the remaining screws.
To insert a drill bit or other accessory:
1. Grasp the rear half of the chuck (4)
with one hand and use your other
hand to rotate the front half (4a) in the
counterclockwise direction, as viewed
from the chuck end.
2. Insert the bit or other accessory fully
into the chuck, and tighten securely by
holding the rear half of the chuck and
rotating the front portion in the clockwise
direction as viewed from the chuck end.
WARNING: Do not attempt to tighten
drill bits (or any other accessory) by gripping
the front part of the chuck and turning the tool
on. Damage to the chuck and personal injury
may occur when changing accessories.
For driving fasteners, the reversing button
should be pushed to the left. Use reverse
(button pushed to the right) for removing
fasteners. When moving from forward to
reverse, or vice versa, always release the
trigger switch first.
A bit holder (8) is built-in to the area just
above the battery pack.
When drill is activated by pulling the trigger
switch (1), the integrated LED work light (5)
will automatically illuminate the work area.
Do not use LED work light as flashlight.
• Use sharp drill bits only.
• Support and secure work properly, as
instructed in the Safety Instructions.
• Use appropriate and required safety equipment,
as instructed in the Safety Instructions.
• Secure and maintain work area, as
instructed in the Safety Instructions.
• Run the drill very slowly, using light
pressure, until the hole is started enough
to keep the drill bit from slipping out of it.
• Apply pressure in a straight line with the
bit. Use enough pressure to keep the
bit biting but not so much as to stall the
motor or deflect the bit.
WARNING: Drill may stall if
overloaded causing a sudden twist.
Always expect the stall. Grip the drill
firmly with both hands to control the