Leupold MT-100 Saw User Manual

MT-100 Wet/Dry Band Saw
User Guide
Thank you for buying this MTI product. Please take time to read all the instructions to understand
the correct components, set up, and use of the model you purchased.
It is extremely important to wear proper eye protection when using any saw. We highly
recommend that you wear safety goggles rather than safety glasses.
DO NOT wear loose clothing or any accessories (long necklaces, bracelets, shirts with
long fringes, and similar) that might get caught by the saw during operation.
Use only in a properly grounded and tested outlet. Under NO circumstances should you
override the grounding system or modify the plug.
Set up your machine on a sturdy, level work surface that is water tolerant and a
comfortable height to work on.
Assembly Instructions
Exploded View
Assembly will take about 5 minutes and only requires a Phillips screwdriver. If a part is already
installed on your machine, skip to the next section. Use the exploded drawing on the following
page to reference parts during the assembly process.