NETGEAR FVS318 Router User Manual

Reference Manual for the Model FVS318 Cable/DSL ProSafe VPN Firewall
Maintenance 7-5
From the Main Menu of the browser interface, under the Maintenance heading, select Set
Password to bring up the menu shown in Figure 7-4.
Figure 7-4. Set Password menu
To change the password, first enter the old password, and then enter the new password twice. Click
After changing the password, you may be required to log in again to continue the configuration. If
you have backed up the firewall settings previously, you should do a new backup so that
the saved settings file includes the new password.
For security, the administrator's login to the firewall configuration will timeout after a period of
inactivity. To change the login timeout period:
1. Type the value in ‘Administrator login times out’ field.The suggested default value is 5
2. Click Apply to save your changes or click Cancel to keep the current period.
Configuration File Settings Management
The configuration settings of the FVS318 VPN Firewall are stored within the firewall in a
configuration file. This file can be saved (backed up) to a user’s PC, retrieved (restored) from the
user’s PC, or cleared to factory default settings.