NETGEAR FVS318 Router User Manual

Reference Manual for the Model FVS318 Cable/DSL ProSafe VPN Firewall
7-6 Maintenance
From the Main Menu of the browser interface, under the Maintenance heading, select the Settings
Backup heading to bring up the menu shown in Figure 7-5.
Figure 7-5. Settings Backup menu
Three options are available, and are described in the following sections.
Restore and Backup the Configuration
The Restore and Backup options in the Settings Backup menu allow you to save and retrieve a file
containing your firewall’s configuration settings.
To save your settings, select the Backup tab. Click the Backup button. Your browser will extract
the configuration file from the firewall and will prompt you for a location on your PC to store the
file. You can give the file a meaningful name at this time, such as pacbell.cfg.
To restore your settings from a saved configuration file, enter the full path to the file on your PC or
click the Browse button to browse to the file. When you have located it, click the Restore button to
send the file to the firewall. The firewall will then reboot automatically.
Erase the Configuration
It is sometimes desirable to restore the firewall to a known blank condition. This can be done by
using the Erase function, which will restore all factory settings. After an erase, the firewall's
password will be password, the LAN IP address will be, and the firewall's DHCP
client will be enabled.