DeWalt DCD796D2 Cordless Drill User Manual

2. To select speed 2 (low torque setting), turn the tool off and permit
it to stop. Slide the gear shifter back (away from the chuck).
NOTE: Do not change gears when the tool is running. Always allow
the drill to come to a complete stop before changing gears. If you are
having trouble changing gears, make sure that the dual range gear
shifter is either completely pushed forward or completely pushed back.
Worklight (Fig. 3)
The worklight (E) and its switch (L) are located on the foot of the tool.
The worklight is activated when the trigger switch is depressed. The
low (M), medium (N) and spotlight (O) modes can be changed by
moving the switch on the foot of the tool. If the trigger switch remains
depressed, the worklight will remain on in all modes.
When on low (M) and medium (N) settings, the beam will automatically
turn off 20 seconds after the trigger switch is released.
FIG. 3
The high setting is the spotlight mode (O). The spotlight will run for
20 minutes after the trigger switch is released. Two minutes before
the spotlight will shut off, it will flash twice and then dim. To avoid the
spotlight shutting off, lightly tap the trigger switch.
WARNING: While using the worklight in medium or spotlight
mode, do not stare at the light or place the drill in a position
which may cause anyone to stare into the light. Serious eye
injury could result.
CAUTION: When using the tool as a spotlight, be sure it is
secured on a stable surface where it will not cause a tripping or
falling hazard.
CAUTION: Remove all accessories from the chuck before using
the drill as a spotlight. Personal injury or property damage could
When in spotlight mode and the battery is nearing complete discharge,
the spotlight will flash twice and then dim. After two minutes, the
battery will be completely discharged and the drill will immediately shut
down. At this point, replace with a fresh battery.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, always have a back-up
battery or secondary lighting available if the situation warrants it.
Keyless Single Sleeve Chuck (Fig. 4–6)
WARNING: Do not attempt to tighten drill bits (or any other
accessory) by gripping the front part of the chuck and turning the
tool on. Damage to the chuck and personal injury may result. Always
lock off trigger switch and disconnect tool from power source when
changing acces sories.
WARNING: Always ensure the bit is secure before starting the
tool. A loose bit may eject from tool causing possible personal injury.
Your tool features a keyless chuck (F) with one rotating sleeve for one-
handed operation of the chuck. To insert a drill bit or other accessory,
follow these steps.
1. Turn tool off and disconnect tool from power source.
2. Grasp the black sleeve of the chuck with one hand and
use the other hand to secure the tool. Rotate the sleeve
counterclockwise far enough to accept the desired accessory.