DeWalt DCD796D2 Cordless Drill User Manual

handle until the battery pack is firmly seated in the tool and ensure that
it does not disengage.
To remove the battery pack from the tool, press the release button (J)
and firmly pull the battery pack out of the tool handle. Insert it into the
charger as described in the charger section of this manual.
Squeeze the tool trigger for three seconds to dissipate the slight
electric charge that may still be in the tool. The worklight may come
on for a brief moment.
Some D
WALT battery packs include a fuel gauge which consists of
three green LED lights that indicate the level of charge remaining in
the battery pack.
The fuel gauge is an indication of approximate levels of charge
remaining in the battery pack according to the following indicators:
75–100% charged
51–74% charged
< 50% charged
Pack needs to be charged
To actuate the fuel gauge, press and hold the fuel gauge button (P). A
combination of the three green LED lights will illuminate designating
the level of charge left. When the level of charge in the battery is below
the usable limit, the fuel gauge will not illuminate and the battery will
need to be recharged.
FIG. 8
NOTE: The fuel gauge is only an indication of the charge left on the
battery pack. It does not indicate tool functionality and is subject to
variation based on product components, temperature and end-user
For more information regarding fuel gauge battery packs, please call
WALT (1-800-433-9258) or visit our website www.dewalt.
Drilling (Fig. 9)
NOTICE: If drilling thin material, use a wood “back-up” block to
prevent damage to the material.
1. Select the desired speed/torque range using the gear shifter to
match the speed and torque to the planned operation. Turn the
collar (C) to the drill symbol.
2. Use sharp drill bits only. For MASONRY, such as brick, cement,
cinder block, etc., use carbide-tipped bits rated for percussion
3. Always apply pressure in a straight line with the bit. Use enough
pressure to keep drill biting, but do not push hard enough to stall
the motor or deflect the bit.
4. Hold tool firmly with both hands to control the twisting action of
the drill. If model is not equipped with side handle, grip drill with
one hand on the handle and one hand on the battery pack.