Graco Inc. 2000EX Paint Sprayer User Manual

2 313385B
The following warnings are for the setup, use, grounding, maintenance, and repair of this equipment. The exclama-
tion point symbol alerts you to a general warning and the hazard symbol refers to procedure-specific risk. Refer back
to these warnings. Additional, product-specific warnings may be found throughout the body of this manual where
Flammable fumes, such as solvent and paint fumes, in work area can ignite or explode. To help prevent
fire and explosion:
Use equipment only in well ventilated area.
Eliminate all ignition sources; such as pilot lights, cigarettes, portable electric lamps, and plastic drop
cloths (potential static arc).
Keep work area free of debris, including solvent, rags and gasoline.
Do not plug or unplug power cords, or turn power or light switches on or off when flammable fumes
are present.
Ground all equipment in the work area. See Grounding instructions.
Use only grounded hoses.
Hold gun firmly to side of grounded pail when triggering into pail.
If there is static sparking or you feel a shock, stop operation immediately. Do not use equipment
until you identify and correct the problem.
Keep a working fire extinguisher in the work area.
Misuse can cause death or serious injury.
Do not operate the unit when fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Do not exceed the maximum working pressure or temperature rating of the lowest rated system
component. See Technical Data in all equipment manuals.
Use fluids and solvents that are compatible with equipment wetted parts. See Technical Data in all
equipment manuals. Read fluid and solvent manufacturer’s warnings. For complete information
about your material, request MSDS forms from distributor or retailer.
Check equipment daily. Repair or replace worn or damaged parts immediately with genuine manu-
facturer’s replacement parts only.
Do not alter or modify equipment.
Use equipment only for its intended purpose. Call your distributor for information.
Route hoses and cables away from traffic areas, sharp edges, moving parts, and hot surfaces.
Do not kink or over bend hoses or use hoses to pull equipment.
Keep children and animals away from work area.
Comply with all applicable safety regulations.
Fluid from the gun/dispense valve, leaks, or ruptured components can splash in the eyes or on skin and
cause serious injury.
Follow Pressure Relief Procedure in this manual, when you stop spraying and before cleaning,
checking, or servicing equipment.
Tighten all fluid connections before operating the equipment.
Check hoses, tubes, and couplings daily. Replace worn or damaged parts immediately.