Graco Inc. 2000EX Paint Sprayer User Manual

6 313385B
Pressure Relief
1. Disconnect air inlet.
2. Open gun air valve (23).
3. Trigger gun, and spray material back into hopper.
Hopper Removal and Installation
The hopper (G) can be removed from the cart for clean-
ing and servicing equipment.
NOTE: Before removing hopper, allow unit to cool down
and/or remove compressor power pack from cart.
Hopper Removal
1. To remove hopper (G), release the latches on each
side of coupler (H).
2. Lift hopper straight up, off unit.
Install Hopper
1. To install hopper, position coupler over material out-
let and slide it straight down, over the fitting, as far
as it will go.
2. Secure latches by pushing each one up and firmly
into locked position.