Graco Inc. 2000EX Paint Sprayer User Manual

313385B 3
Use only compatible water-based solvents to clean plastic structural or pressure-containing parts. Many
solvents can degrade plastic parts and cause them to fail, which could cause serious injury or property
damage. See Technical Data in this and all other equipment instruction manuals. Read fluid and solvent
manufacturer’s warnings.
You must wear appropriate protective equipment when operating, servicing, or when in the operating
area of the equipment to help protect you from serious injury, including eye injury, inhalation of toxic
fumes, burns, and hearing loss. This equipment includes but is not limited to:
Protective eye wear
Clothing and respirator as recommended by the fluid and solvent manufacturer
Hearing protection
Water or material remaining in unit when temperatures are below freezing can damage pump and/or delay startup.
To insure water and material are completely drained out of unit:
1. Remove material line from sprayer.
2. Tip sprayer to allow material (water) to flow out of pump inlet.
Before adding material or starting unit in cold weather, run warm water through pump.