Dodge 2006 Sprinter Chassis and Cab Automobile User Manual

For more information on tire size designation, load and
speed rating, refer to "Tire Labeling". See an authorized
Sprinter Dealer for information on tested and
recommended rims and tires for summer and winter
operation. They can also offer advice concerning tire
service and purchase.
Using tires other than those approved by the vehi-
cle manufacturer can have detrimental effects,
such as
• poor handling characteristics
• increased noise
• increased fuel consumption
Moreover, tires and rims not approved by the
vehicle manufacturer may, under load, exhibit
dimensional variations and different tire
deformation characteristics that could cause them
to come into contact with the vehicle body or axle
parts. Damage to the tires or the vehicle may be
the result.
Do not use a tire, wheel size or rating other than
that specified for your Sprinter vehicle. Some
combinations of unapproved tires and wheels
may change suspension dimensions and perfor-
mance characteristics, resulting in changes to
steering, handling, and braking of your Sprinter
vehicle. This can cause unpredictable handling
and stress to steering and suspension compo-
nents. You could lose control and have an accident
resulting in serious injury or death. Use only the
tire and wheel sizes with load ratings approved
for your Sprinter vehicle, refer to "Tire and Load-
ing Information". Never use a tire with a smaller
load index or speed index or capacity, other than
what was originally equipped on your Sprinter
vehicle. Using a tire with a smaller load index
could result in tire overloading and failure. You
could lose control and have an accident.
Failure to equip the vehicle with tires having
adequate speed capability can result in sudden
tire failure and loss of vehicle control.