I.C.T.C. Holdings Corporation B series Paint Sprayer User Manual

þ ALWAYS follow H.E.R.O. recommendations for operation and safety completely.
þ ALWAYS ensure that switch is in off position before plugging in the electric motor.
þ ALWAYS set trigger lock on gun in "LOCKED" position when not in use, with gun locked close.
þ ALWAYS check connections and fittings for tightness before operating the unit.
þ ALWAYS locate the unit in a well ventilated area a minimum of 25 feet from the spray area.
þ ALWAYS ground the unit, the paint containers, and the object being sprayed to eliminate static
discharge. Ensure that all these objects remain grounded throughout the entire spraying operation.
þ ALWAYS use approved 3 prong grounded extension cord and approved grounded outlets of the
voltage and frequency specified on the motor. The outlet must be at least 25 feet from the spraying
þ ALWAYS use approved 3 prong grounded extension cord not less than # 12/3 gauge up to 50 feet,
and not less than # 10/3 gauge up to 100 feet. DO NOT exceed 100 feet of extension cord.
þ ALWAYS use accessories and components approved for at least 3000 psi (working pressure) in the
spraying system.
þ ALWAYS use accessories and components supplied by H.E.R.O. Industries Ltd., or specifically
approved in writing by H.E.R.O. Industries Ltd. on with the unit.
þ ALWAYS examine accessories for wear or damage before operating the unit.
þ ALWAYS use lowest possible pressure when flushing and cleaning the unit, and hold the gun firmly
against a metal container to reduce static discharge possibility.
þ ALWAYS wear a face filter mask when operating the unit.
1. Turn off the motor.
2. Disconnect the power cord from the outlet.
3. Relieve all pressure in the pump by triggering the gun.
4. Lock gun trigger in "LOCKED" position, with gun locked closed before attempting to perform
any maintenance or service on any part of the unit spray system.
þ ALWAYS wear safety glasses when operating the unit.
þ ALWAYS ensure fire extinguishing equipment is readily available and properly maintained in the spray
þ ALWAYS observe good housekeeping and keep the spray area free from obstructions.
þ ALWAYS be aware that certain chemicals may react with aluminum, carbide, or other components in
the pump system. Read the manufacturer's label on all materials to be sprayed, and follow the
manufacturer's recommendations. If in doubt, consult your material supplier to be sure.
þ ALWAYS replace any damaged airless paint hose. A scratched, torn, cut or otherwise damaged outer
core of the paint hose can lead to a rupture. DO NOT attempt to repair a damaged hose.