Bosch Power Tools GPL2 Laser Level User Manual

Working with the Measuring Plate
(Optional Accessory)
With the measuring plate 15, it is possible to
project the laser mark onto the floor or the laser
height onto a wall.
With the zero field and the scale, the offset or
drop to the required height can be measured
and projected at another location. This
eliminates the necessity of precisely adjusting
the tool to the height to be projected.
The measuring plate 15 has a reflective coating
that enhances the visibility of the laser beam
at greater distances or in intense sunlight. The
brightness intensification can be seen only
when viewing, parallel to the laser beam, onto
the measuring plate.
Laser Viewing Glasses
(Optional Accessory)
The laser viewing glasses filter out the ambient
light. This makes the red light of the laser
appear brighter for the eyes.
Do not use the laser viewing glasses as
safety goggles. The laser viewing glasses
are used for improved visualization of the
laser beam, but they do not protect against
laser radiation.
Do not use the laser viewing glasses
as sun glasses or in traffic. The laser
viewing glasses do not afford complete UV
protection and reduce color perception.
Store and transport the tool only in the
supplied protective case.
Keep the tool clean at all times.
Do not immerse the tool into water or
other fluids.
Wipe off debris using a moist and soft cloth.
Do not use any cleaning agents or solvents.
Regularly clean the surfaces at the exit opening
of the laser in particular, and pay attention to
any fluff of fibers.
If the tool should fail despite the care taken in
manufacturing and testing procedures, repair
should be carried out by an authorized after-
sales service center for Bosch power tools.
In all correspondence and spare parts orders,
please always include the 10-digit article
number given on the type plate of
the tool.
In case of repairs, send in the tool packed in its
protective case 16.
Recycle raw materials & batteries
instead of disposing of waste. The
unit, accessories, packaging & used batteries
should be sorted for environmentally friendly
recycling in accordance with the latest
Maintenance and Service