Delta 22-540 Planer User Manual

Fig. 23
Your planer is provided with two lifting straps (A) Fig. 23,
located on the top of the planer, for ease in transporting
the planer.
When using your machine, you may want to follow these few simple steps for achieving the best results possible.
1. Cross-cut to Length – Cross-cut rough lumber to length.
2. T
rue Up
One Face – Feed one face of the board over a Jointer, making thin cuts with each pass, until the entire
surface is flat.
3. Plane
to Thickness – Place the side you just surfaced in STEP 2 face down and feed the board through the Planer,
as shown in Figs. 24 and 25. Plane both sides of the board until you are satisfied with the thickness, making thin cuts
with each pass. If during the planing operation you notice the board twisting, warping or bowing, repeat STEP 2 and
true up one face.
4. When planing long stock, provide auxiliary tables or rollers to support the infeed and outfeed end of the workpiece.
5. For best results, plane with the wood grain only, and keep planer table clean. Occasionally, wax table surface to
reduce friction during the planing operation.
Fig. 24 Fig. 25