Delta 22-540 Planer User Manual

Delta Building Trades and Home Shop Machinery
Two Year Limited Warranty
Delta will repair or replace, at its expense and at its option, any Delta machine, machine part, or machine accessory which
in normal use has proven to be defective in workmanship or material, provided that the customer returns the product
prepaid to a Delta factory service center or authorized service station with proof of purchase of the product within two
years and provides Delta with reasonable opportunity to verify the alleged defect by inspection. Delta may require that
electric motors be returned prepaid to a motor manufacturer’s authorized station for inspection and repair or replacement.
Delta will not be responsible for any asserted defect which has resulted from normal wear, misuse, abuse or repair or
alteration made or specifically authorized by anyone other than an authorized Delta Service facility or representative. Under
no circumstances will Delta be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from defective products. This
warranty is Delta’s sole warranty and sets forth the customer’s exclusive remedy, with respect to defective products; all
other warranties, express or implied, whether of merchantability, fitness for purpose, or otherwise, are expressly
disclaimed by Delta.
All Delta Machines and accessories are manufactured to high quality standards and are serviced by a network
of Porter-Cable · Delta Factory Service Centers and Delta Authorized Service Stations. To obtain additional
information regarding your Delta quality product or to obtain parts, service, warranty assistance, or the location
of the nearest service outlet, please call 1-800-223-7278 (In Canada call 1-800-463-3582).
A complete line of accessories is available from your Delta Supplier, Porter-Cable · Delta Factory Service Centers, and
Delta Authorized Service Stations. Please visit our Web Site for a catalog or for the name
of your nearest supplier.
WARNING: Since accessories, other than those offered by Delta, have not been tested
with this product, use of such accessories could be hazardous. For safest operation, only
Delta recommended accessories should be used with this product.
22-546 Drive Belt
22-547 HSS Planer Knives
50-322 Stand