Delta 22-540 Planer User Manual

1. DO NOT operate the tool until it is completely
assembled and installed according to the instructions.
2. IF YOU ARE NOT thoroughly familiar with the
operation of planers, obtain advice from your supervisor,
instructor or other qualified person.
3. MAKE SURE wiring codes and recommended
electrical connection instructions are followed, and that
the machine is properly grounded.
4. MAKE all adjustments with the power off.
5. DISCONNECT machine from power source when
making repairs.
6. NEVER turn the planer “ON” before clearing the
table of all objects (tools, scraps of wood, etc.).
7. KEEP knives sharp and free of all rust and pitch.
8. NEVER perform any planing operation with guard
9. KEEP fingers and hands away from cutting area.
10. NEVER reach under the cutterhead while the machine
is running.
11. KEEP fingers and hands away from chip exhaust
opening. The cutterhead rotates at extremely high speeds.
12. NEVER feed the work into the outfeed end of
13. ADEQUATELY support the workpiece at all times.
14. WHEN planing extra long workpieces, MAKE SURE
the material is supported at the infeed and outfeed end
at table height.
15. NEVER start the machine with the workpiece in
contact with the cutterhead.
16. MAKE SURE the workpiece is free from nails and
other foreign objects which could cause injury or
damage to the blades.
17. MAKE SURE the blades are properly secured in the
cutterhead, as explained in the instruction manual, be-
fore turning on power.
18. ALWAYS allow the cutterhead to reach full speed
before using.
19. IF DURING OPERATION there is any tendency for
the tool to tip over, slide or walk on the supporting
20. DO NOT perform planing operations on material
shorter than 10 inches, narrower than 3/4 inches, wider
than 12 inches, or thinner than 3/16 inches.
21. BEFORE LEAVING the machine, make sure the work
area is clean.
22. SHOULD any part of your planer be missing,
damaged or fail in any way, or any electrical component
fail to perform properly, shut off switch and remove plug
from power supply outlet. Replace missing, damaged or
failed parts before resuming operation.
23. IMPORTANT: When the tool is not in use, the
switch should be locked in the “OFF” position to
prevent unauthorized use.
24. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION regarding the safe
and proper operation of this product is available from
the National Safety Council, 1121 Spring Lake Drive,
Itasca, IL 60143-3201 in the Accident Prevention
Manual for Industrial Operation and also in the Safety
Data Sheets provided by the NSC. Please also refer to
the American National Standards Institute ANSI 01.1
Safety Requirements for Woodworking Machinery
and the U.S. Department of Labor OSHA 1910.213