Wagner SprayTech 1420 Paint Sprayer User Manual

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A. The sprayer does not start.
B. The sprayer starts but does
not draw in paint when the
PRIME/SPRAY knob is set to
C. The sprayer draws up paint
but the pressure drops when
the gun is triggered.
D. The PRIME/SPRAY valve is
on SPRAY and there is flow
through the return tube.
E. The spray gun leaks.
F. The tip assembly leaks.
G. The spray gun will not spray.
H. The paint pattern is tailing.
1. The sprayer is not plugged in.
2. The ON/OFF switch is set to OFF.
3. The sprayer was turned off while still under
4. No voltage is coming from the wall plug.
5. The extension cord is damaged or has too
low a capacity.
6. A fuse is blown in the sprayer.
7. There is a problem with the motor.
1. The unit will not prime properly or has lost prime.
2. The paint bucket is empty or the suction
tube is not totally immersed in the paint.
3. The suction set is clogged.
4. The suction tube is loose at the inlet valve.
5. The inlet or outlet valve is stuck.
6. The inlet valve is worn or damaged.
7. The PRIME/SPRAY valve is plugged.
1. The spray tip is worn.
2. The suction set screen is clogged.
3. The gun or spray tip filter is plugged.
4. The paint is too heavy or coarse.
5. The outlet valve assembly is dirty or worn.
6. The inlet valve assembly is damaged or worn.
1. The PRIME/SPRAY valve is dirty or worn.
1. Internal parts of the gun are worn
or dirty.
1. The tip was assembled incorrectly.
2. A seal is worn.
1. The spray tip or the gun filter is plugged.
2. The spray tip is in the CLEAN position.
1. The pressure is set too low.
2. The gun, the tip, or the suction filter
is plugged.
3. The suction tube is loose at the inlet valve.
4. The tip is worn.
5. The paint is too thick.
6. Pressure loss.
1. Plug the sprayer in.
2. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON.
3. Turn pressure control knob to maximum setting (+),
or relieve pressure by turning the PRIME/SPRAY
valve to PRIME.
4. Properly test the power supply voltage.
5. Replace the extension cord.
6. Take sprayer to Wagner Authorized Service Center.
7. Take sprayer to Wagner Authorized Service Center.
1. Try to prime the unit again.
2. Refill the bucket or immerse the suction tube in
3. Clean the suction set.
4. Clean the tube connection and tighten it securely.
5. Clean the inlet and outlet valves and replace any
worn parts.* Inlet may be stuck from old paint.
Insert pusher stem to release
6. Replace the inlet valve.*
7. Take sprayer to Wagner Authorized Service Center.
1. Replace the spray tip with a new tip.**
2. Clean the suction set screen.
3. Clean or replace the proper filter. Always keep
extra filters on hand.
4. Thin or strain the paint.
5. Clean or replace the outlet valve assembly.*
6. Replace the inlet valve.*
1. Take sprayer to Wagner Authorized Service Center.
1. Take the sprayer to a Wagner Authorized Service
1. Check the tip assembly and assemble properly.
2. Replace the seal.*
1. Clean the spray tip or gun filter.
2. Put the tip in the SPRAY position.
1. Increase the pressure.
2. Clean the filters.
3. Tighten the suction tube fitting.
4. Replace the spray tip.
5. Thin the paint.
6. Refer to Causes and Solutions for problem C.
* Special repair kits with instructions are available for these procedures. Refer to the Maintenance (page 13) section of this
manual for a list of the kits and their part numbers.
** Additional parts are available for this procedure. Refer to the Accessories (page 13) section of this manual for a list of the
parts and their part numbers.