Hitachi DH24PF3 Power Hammer User Manual

Rotation and hammering function
Drilling anchor holes
Drilling holes in concrete
Drilling holes in tile
Rotation only function
Drilling in steel or wood (with optional accessories).
Tightening machine screws, wood screws (with optional accessories).
Hammering only function
Light-duty chiselling of concrete, groove digging and edging.
1. Power source
Ensure that the power source to be utilized conforms to the power source re-
quirements specified on the product nameplate.
2. Power switch
Ensure that the switch is in the OFF position. If the plug is connected to a recep-
tacle while the switch is in the ON position, the power tool will start operating
immediately and can cause serious injury.
3. Extension cord
When the work area is far away from the power source, use an extension cord of
sufficient thickness and rated capacity. The extension cord should be kept as
short as practicable.
Damaged cord must be replaced or repaired.
4. Check the receptacle
If the receptacle only loosely accepts the plug, the receptacle must be repaired.
Contact a licensed electrician to make appropriate repairs.
If such a fautly receptacle is used, it may cause overheating, resulting in a seri-
ous hazard.