Hitachi DH24PF3 Power Hammer User Manual

(4) Engage the guide plate with the core
bit, and turn the guide plate to left or
right so that it does not fall even if it
faces downward. (Fig. 20)
2. How to bore (Fig. 21)
(1) Connect the plug to the power source.
(2) A spring is installed in the center pin.
Push it lightly to the wall or the floor
straight. Connect all over the surface
of the core bit tip and start operating.
(3) When boring about 3/16" (5 mm) in
depth the position of the hole will
establish. Bore after that removing the
center pin and the guide plate from core
(4) Application of excessive force will not only expedite the work, but will deteriorate
the tip edge of the drill bit, resulting in reduced service life of the rotary hammer.
When removing the center pin and the guide plate, turn OFF the switch and
disconnect the plug form the receptacle.
3. Dismounting. (Fig. 22)
Remove the core bit shank from the
rotary hammer and strike the head of
the core bit shank strongly two or three
times with the hammer holding the
core bit, then the thread becomes loose
and the core bit can be removed.
Fig. 21
Fig. 20
Core bit
Core bit tip
Guide plate
Center pin
Fig. 22
Core bit shank