Hitachi DH24PF3 Power Hammer User Manual

1. Hold tools by insulated gripping surfaces when performing an operation where
the cutting tool may contact hidden wiring or its own cord. Contact with a
live wire will make exposed metal parts of the tool live and shock the
2. ALWAYS wear ear protectors when using the tool for extended periods.
Prolonged exposure to high intensity noise can cause hearing
3. NEVER touch the tool bit with bare hands after operation.
4. NEVER wear gloves made from materials likely to roll up such as cotton, wool,
cloth or string, etc.
5. ALWAYS attach the side handle and securely grip the Rotary Hammer.
6. NEVER touch moving parts.
NEVER place your hands, fingers or other body parts near the tools moving
7. NEVER operate without all guards in place.
NEVER operate this tool without all guards or safety features in place and in
proper working order. If maintenance or servicing requires the removal of a
guard or safety feature, be sure to replace the guard or safety feature before
resuming operation of the tool.
8. Use right tool.
Dont force small tool or attachment to do the job of a heavy-duty tool.
Dont use tool for purpose not intended for example dont use circular saw
for cutting tree limbs or logs.
9. NEVER use a power tool for applications other than those specified.
NEVER use a power tool for applications other than those specified in the
Instruction Manual.
10. Handle tool correctly.
Operate the tool according to the instructions provided herein. Do not drop or
throw the tool. NEVER allow the tool to be operated by children, individuals
unfamiliar with its operation or unauthorized personnel.
11. Keep all screws, bolts and covers tightly in place.
Keep all screws, bolts, and plates tightly mounted. Check their condition
12. Do not use power tools if the plastic housing or handle is cracked.
Cracks in the tools housing or handle can lead to electric shock. Such tools
should not be used until repaired.
13. Blades and accessories must be securely mounted to the tool.
Prevent potential injuries to yourself or others. Blades, cutting implements and
accessories which have been mounted to the tool should be secure and tight.