Hitachi DH24PF3 Power Hammer User Manual

WARNING: Be sure to switch power OFF and disconnect the plug from the
receptacle during maintenance and inspection.
1. Inspecting the drill bits
Since use of a dull tool will cause motor malfunctioning and degraded efficiency,
replace the drill bit with a new one or resharpening without delay when abrasion
is noted.
2. Inspecting the screws
Regularly inspect all screws and ensure that they are properly tightened. Should
any of the screws be loosened, retighten them immediately.
WARNING: Using this rotary hammer with loosen screws is extremely
3. Maintenance of the motor
The motor unit winding is the very heart of the power tool. Exercise due care
to ensure the winding does not become damaged and/or wet with oil or water.
4. Inspecting the carbon brushes
For your continued safety and electrical shock protection, carbon brush inspection
and replacement on this tool should ONLY be performed by a Hitachi Authorized
Service Center.
5. How to replace grease
Low viscosity grease is applied to this rotary hammer so that it can be used for
a long period without replacing the grease. Please contact the nearest service
center for grease replacement when any grease is leaking from loosened screw.
Further use of the rotary hammer despite the grease shortage causes seizure to
reduce the service life.
CAUTION: A specific grease is used with this machine, therefore, the normal
performance of the machine may be badly affected by use of other
grease. Please be sure to let one of our service agents undertake
replacement of the grease.
6. Service and repairs
All quality power tools will eventually require servicing or replacement of parts
because of wear from normal use. To assure that only authorized replacement
parts will be used, all service and repairs must be performed by a Hitachi
Authorized Service Center, ONLY.