Hitachi DH24PF3 Power Hammer User Manual

5. Groove digging and edging (Hammering only)
Cold chisel (SDS-plus shank)
Code No. 316657
Cutter (SDS-plus shank)
Code No. 316658
6. Grooving (Hammering only)
Grooving chisel (SDS-plus shank)
Code No. 316659
8. Drilling holes and driving screws (rotation only)
Drill chuck, chuck adaptor and chuck wrench
Special screw
Code No. 981122
Drill chuck (13VLRBD)
(includes chuck wrench)
Code No. 321814
Chuck adaptor G
(SDS-plus shank)
Code No. 303623
Chuck wrench
7. Bolt placing operation with Chemical Anchor. (Rotation + Hammering)
Standard socket
on the market
(SDS-plus shank)
1/2" (12.7 mm) Chemical
Anchor Adapter
(Code No.303044)
3/4" (19 mm) Chemical
Anchor Adapter
(Code No. 303045)