Hitachi DH24PF3 Power Hammer User Manual

14. Keep motor air vent clean.
The tools motor air vent must be kept clean so that air can freely flow at all
times. Check for dust build-up frequently.
15.Operate power tools at the rated voltage.
Operate the power tool at voltages specified on its nameplate.
If using the power tool at a higher voltage than the rated voltage, it will result in
abnormally fast motor revolution and may damage the unit and the motor may
burn out.
16. NEVER use a tool which is defective or operating abnormally.
If the tool appears to be operating unusually, making strange noises, or otherwise
appears defective, stop using it immediately and arrange for repairs by a Hitachi
authorized service center.
17. NEVER leave tool running unattended. Turn power off.
Dont leave tool until it comes to a complete stop.
18. Carefully handle power tools.
Should a power tool be dropped or struck against hard materials inadvertently,
it may be deformed, cracked, or damaged.
19. Do not wipe plastic parts with solvent.
Solvents such as gasoline, thinner benzine, carbon tetrachloride, and alcohol
may damage and crack plastic parts. Do not wipe them with such solvents.
Wipe plastic parts with a soft cloth lightly dampened with soapy water and dry
20. ALWAYS wear eye protection that meets the requirement of the latest revision
of ANSI Standard Z87.1.
21. ALWAYS be careful with buried object such as an underground wiring.
Touching live wiring or electric cable with this tool may result in electric shock.
Confirm before use whether hidden objects are present, such as electric cables
within the wall, floor or ceiling.
22. Definitions for symbols used on this tool
V ............volts
Hz .......... hertz
A............ amperes
no .......... no load speed
W........... watt
........... Class II Construction
---/min ... revolutions per minute
.......... Alternating current