Hitachi DH24PF3 Power Hammer User Manual

5. Confirming condition of the environment:
Confirm that the work site is placed under appropriate conditions conforming to
prescribed precautions.
6. Mounting the drill bit (Fig. 2)
To prevent accidents, make sure to turn
the switch off and disconnect the plug
from the receptacle.
When using tools such as bull points,
drill bits, etc., make sure to use the
genuine parts designated by our
(1) Clean the shank portion of the drill bit.
(2) Insert the drill bit in a twisting manner
into the tool holder until it latches
itself. (Fig. 2)
(3) Check the latching by pulling on the
drill bit.
(4) To remove the drill bit, fully pull the grip
in the direction of the arrow and pull
out the drill bit. (Fig. 3)
7. Installation of dust cup or dust
collector (B) (Optional accessories)
(Fig. 4, Fig. 5)
When using a rotary hammer for up-
ward drilling operations attach a dust
cup or dust collector (B) to collect dust
or particles for easy operation.
Installing the dust cup
Use the dust cup by attaching to the
drill bit a shown in Fig. 4.
When using a bit which has big
diameter, enlarge the center hole of the
dust cup with this rotary hammer.
Installing dust collector (B)
When using dust collector (B), insert
dust collector (B) from the tip of the bit
by aligning it to the groove on the grip
(Fig. 5)
Dust cup
Dust collector (B)
Drill bit
Part of SDS-plus shank
Front cap
Fig. 2
Fig. 5
Fig. 3
Fig. 4