D-Link DWL-G800AP Router User Manual

Note: if you have changed the default IP address assigned to the DWL-G800AP, make sure
to enter the correct IP address.
Using the Configuration Menu
Home > Wizard
The Home>Wizard screen will
appear. Please refer to the
Quick Installation Guide for
more information regarding the
Setup Wizard.
After you have completed the Setup Wizard (please see the Quick Installation Guide that
came with the product) you can access the Configuration menu at any time by opening
the Web browser and typing in the IP address of the DWL-G800AP. The DWL-G800AP
default IP address is shown below:
Open the Web browser
Type in the IP address of the
Type admin in the User name field
Leave the Password blank.
(However, if you have changed
the password, please enter the
correct password.)
Click OK