D-Link DWL-G800AP Router User Manual

Using the Configuration Menu (continued)
Wireless Repeater>Site Survey
Click Site Survey in the
Wireless configuration screen
displayed on the previous page.
Site Survey Completed
The Site Survey displays the
features of each available network
as follows:
BSSID- Basic Service Set
Identifier is the 48-bit MAC
address of the wireless interface
of the access point.
SSID- Service Set Identifier is a
32-character name that
differentiates one WLAN from
another. All devices connecting to
a specific WLAN must use the
same SSID.
WEP- Yes in this column indicates
that WEP is enabled on the
Channel- Displays the Channel the network is using.
Connect- Select the network to which you wish to connect and click Connect.
Exit- Click to exit the site survey function.
The information shown here allows you to select a network to join, or gives you the
information you need to configure your DWL-G800AP for a connection to a specific network.
The DWL-G800AP will scan the network. Please wait a few seconds for
this process to complete.