D-Link DWL-G800AP Router User Manual

Troubleshooting (continued)
6. Why can’t I get a wireless connection? (continued)
Check that the LEDs are indicating normal activity. If not, check that the AC
power and Ethernet cables are firmly connected.
Make sure that all devices are set to Infrastructure mode.
Check that the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway settings are correctly
entered for the network.
If you are using 2.4GHz cordless phones, X-10 equipment or other home security
systems, ceiling fans, and lights, your wireless connection will degrade dramati-
cally or drop altogether. Try changing the channel on your DWL-G800AP, and on
all the devices in your network to avoid interference.
Keep your product away (at least 3-6 feet) from electrical devices that generate
RF noise, like microwaves, monitors, electric motors, etc.
7. I forgot my encryption key.
Reset the DWL-G800AP to its factory default settings and restore the other de-
vices on your network to their default settings. You may do this by pressing the
Reset button on the back of the unit. You will lose the current configuration set-