D-Link DWL-G800AP Router User Manual

Troubleshooting (continued)
Make sure the wireless client is associated and joined with the correct device. To check
this connection: Right-click on the local area connection icon in the taskbar> select
View Available Wireless Networks. The Connect to Wireless Network screen will
appear. Please make sure you have selected the correct available network, as shown in
the illustration below.
Check that the IP address assigned to the wireless adapter is within the
same IP address range as the existing network. (Since the DWL-G800AP
has an IP address of, wireless adapters must have an IP
address in the same range, e.g., 192.168.0.x. Each device must have a
unique IP address; no two devices may have the same IP address. The
subnet mask must be the same for all the computers on the network.) To
check the IP address assigned to the wireless adapter, double-click on
the local area connection icon in the taskbar > select the Support tab
and the IP address will be displayed. (Please refer to Checking the IP
Address in the Networking Basics section of this manual.)
If it is necessary to assign a static IP address to the wireless adapter,
please refer to the appropriate section in Networking Basics. If you are
entering a DNS server address you must also enter the default gateway
address. (Remember that if you have a DHCP-capable router, you will not
need to assign a static IP address. See Networking Basics: Assigning a
Static IP Address.)
2. The wireless client cannot access the Internet in Infrastructure