Digimerge D4202 Router User Manual

4. Click on INTERNET PROTOCOL (TCP/IP)and then select Propertiesto setup
5. Click on Use the following IP addressand set the IP address and subnet mask
1. Before changing the PC network setting,
please write down the original network
setting in order to recover the original
setting after the setup. (for static IP users)
2. The IP address should be
192.168.1.XXX. The setting of XXX
could be set from 1 to 254 Do not use 10
since is the default IP ); the
subnet mask is
1. To configure the Server IP, please click twice to enter the setup.
2. Key in the User Name, Password, and Server IP (The default setting for the User Name is
admin and the default Password is admin ; Server IP is, Port : 80). Click on
OK to connect.