Digimerge D4202 Router User Manual

1. With regards to direct connection to a PC, could I connect the video server with
remote PC without connecting it to the Internet ?
ANS: Yes, you can connect the Video server with remote PC using the Crossover
cable directly.
2. If I do not have any network in my office or house, could I use this system?
ANS: Yes, you could use this unit. You can connect the Video Server with PC or
notebook directly, and take the PC as a storage device. Save all video from
your cameras and display the Video record on the PC.
3. Can I use ISDN to connect the Video Server?
ANS: Our Video Server could be connected via ADSL or CABLE modem. It does not
support ISDN connection. However, if you have a router which supports ISDN,
RJ-45 and port forwarding function, it can be used with our Video Server.
4. What kind of frame rate are we expecting?
ANS: The frame rate = band width(Kbps) / 8 / image size(Kbytes)-->Daytime
QVGA(Low-6 Kbytes, Middle-9 Kbytes, High-12 Kbytes),
VGA(Low-24 Kbytes, Middle-36 Kbytes, High-48 Kbytes).
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