Digimerge D4202 Router User Manual

1. You can get all the data from your MIS
2. The default uploading port is No.21.
3. You can set the uploading directory
by yourself.
When the alarm is triggered, the video server
will capture the instant picture and upload the
captured image to the assigned FTP site.
1. Users level:
SUPERVISOR - controls all the functions
USER LEVEL - control advanced functions
GUEST LEVEL - control basic functions only
2. Life time : During this time period,
users are allowed to control the Video
Web Server.
Set up the users account, password
(Max 5 accounts) and authority.
Peripheral Control : Set up the video input
device. You can select the devices and
set up Baud Rate & ID No. to control the
equipment via the Video Web Server.
You can set up all the peripheral setting in this
Windows. (Refer to APPENDIX#1 for more