Graco Inc. 223451 Paint Sprayer User Manual

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Check the Electrical Grounding (See Fig. 2)
Megohmmeter P/N 241079 (AA-see Fig.
2) is not approved for use in a hazard-
ous area. To reduce the risk of sparking,
do not use the megohmmeter to check
electrical grounding unless:
D The gun has been removed from the
hazardous area;
D Or all spraying devices in the hazardous area
are turned off, ventilation fans in the hazardous
area are operating, and there are no flammable
vapors in the area (such as open solvent con-
tainers or fumes from spraying).
Failure to follow this warning could cause fire,
explosion, electric shock and result in serious injury
and property damage.
1. Have a qualified electrician check the electrical
grounding continuity of the spray gun and air hose.
2. Turn the ES ON-OFF Lever to OFF. See Fig. 4,
page 14, for the location of the lever.
3. Turn off the air and fluid supply to the gun. The
fluid hose must not have any fluid in it.
4. Make sure the air hose (R) is connected and the
hose ground wire is connected to a true earth
5. Measure the resistance between the gun handle
(BB) and a true earth ground (CC).
a. If using a black or grey air hose, use a me-
gohmmeter (AA) to measure the resistance.
Use an applied voltage of 500 minimum to
1000 volts maximum. The resistance should
not exceed 2 megohms.
b. If using a red turbine air hose, use an ohmme-
ter to measure the resistance. Resistance
should not exceed 100 ohms.
6. If the resistance is greater than the maximum
reading specified above for your hose, check the
tightness of the ground connections and be sure
the air hose ground wire is connected to a true
earth ground. If the resistance is still too high,
replace the air hose.
Fig. 2