Graco Inc. 223451 Paint Sprayer User Manual

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How the Electrostatic Air Spray Gun Works
The air hose supplies air to the spray gun. Part of the
air operates the turbine and the rest of the air atomizes
the fluid being sprayed. The turbine generates power,
which is converted by the power cartridge, to supply
high voltage current to the guns ionizing electrode.
The pump supplies fluid to the hose and gun, where
the fluid is electrostatically charged as it passes the
electrode. The charged fluid is attracted to the
grounded workpiece, wrapping around and evenly
coating all surfaces.
Converting a PRO 3500sc Gun
to a PRO 3500hc Gun
NOTE: See page 38 to order Conversion Kit 223451.
1. Remove the air cap, nozzle/resistor stud, and
electrode as described in Electrode Replacement
(page 25).
2. Remove the fluid seal (A), fitting (B), tube (C), nut
(D), and ferrules (E) from the gun. See Fig. A.
To ensure proper installation of the new parts, make
sure that the fluid seal (A) does not remain in the gun
3. Using a soft brush and solvent, carefully clean
area inside of the barrel where the fluid seal (A)
used to be.
4. Remove the trigger (M).
5. Replace the existing fluid packing cartridge (K)
with the new cartridge (28) supplied with Conver-
sion Kit 223451. See Fig. D.
6. Install the threaded fitting, located on the tube
assembly (12), into the gun barrel. See Fig. D.
Turn the fitting until the o-ring (12b) is com-
7. Wrap the tube around the barrel. See Fig. D.
8. Slide the shroud (10) up the fluid tube (12), as
shown in Fig. B.
9. Pull the shroud upward as you press it onto the
barrel, as shown in Fig. C. Be sure the hose is
completely inside the shroud before pressing the
shroud onto the barrel.
10. Install the trigger (M).
11. Install the electrode, nozzle/resistor stud, and air
cap as described in Electrode Replacement
(page 25).