Graco Inc. 223451 Paint Sprayer User Manual

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Fan Air Adjustment Valve Repair
1. Prepare the gun for service as instructed on page
2. Place a wrench on the flats of the valve housing
and remove it from the handle. See Fig. 20.
NOTE: The fan air valve (43) can be replaced as an
assembly or as individual parts.
To disassemble the fan valve:
3. Remove the retaining ring (43b). Rotate the air
adjustment knob (43c) counterclockwise until it is
disengaged from the valve housing threads (43d).
Pull the adjustment knob out of the valve housing.
4. Clean all the parts and inspect them for wear or
5. When reassembling the fan air valve (43), lubricate
the o-rings (43e) and the adjustment knob threads
(43c) with petroleum jelly.
6. After the retaining ring (43b) is installed on the
adjustment knob (43c), back the adjustment knob
out of the valve housing (43d) until it bottoms out
against the retaining ring.
7. Apply PTFE paste to the threads of the valve
housing (43d) and install it in the handle. Torque
the housing to 10 to 12 in-lb (1.1 to 1.4 NSm).
Fig. 20
Lubricate o-rings (43e) and top knob threads (43c) with petro-
leum jelly
Apply PTFE paste to the valve housing threads (43d); Torque
to 1012 in-lb (1.11.4 NSm)